{insert cleverness here} (ismenetruth) wrote in icanhazstargate,
{insert cleverness here}

Dear fandom: please stop being addictive, kthx

Uh. A while ago in this comm there was a suggestion of SGA penguin macros, to go with the general obsession we seem to have with penguins, so, uh, here are penguin SGA macros. Also, do you know what it's like to have someone find you google image searching "mating penguins"?

Fanfic related lolpenguins:

a brief interlude in the labs:

And in response, Radek is not a happy physicist:

And, random:

Finally, Siege Part II:

...my god, I have a folder of penguin pictures on my computer waiting to be made into macros. Stop me, plz.
Tags: sga
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